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High Availability

When downtime is not an option, Media3 has a number of solutions to help you increase redundancy and resilience. Our team is here to learn about your environment, help identify the key challenges, and work with you to develop the right solution. Using Microsoft Azures platform you can guarantee optimal uptime with a wide range of options to ensure your network runs smoothly.

High Performance Computing

In today’s data-driven government, High Performance Computing (HPC) is increasingly being mainstreamed to apply to a broader range of problems. To address this demand, we’re extending our existing public sector HPC offerings, including the NC-series and Azure Batch, to include the H-series virtual machines.


Whether re-inventing classic lines of business apps, re-architecting proven scenarios, or taking data-driven into overdrive, you need fast and flexible architectures. Use Mint to build architectures that expand, adapt, and shrink with the demand of customers.

Reduce time to market

Add flexible compute resources to deliver more granularity and improved results faster. Ultimately, you’ll finish more projects and get more done.


Run your most demanding workloads on a Cray supercomputer—near the Azure services you’re already using. Add a dedicated Cray supercomputer to your virtual network in Azure and innovate faster, access advanced services, and consolidate your IT footprint.


High Availability Geo-Redundant Solutions

With everything Media3 Mint has to offer seeing a graphical representation of your network really helps break it down to no seem so overwhelming. Check out some of the topologies below of previous setup's we have done in the past to get a taste of something that is truly, Mint.

Authorized Partners receive a percentage discount off of all services provided. With this program, all end-user billing and support is provided by you and we in turn provide support to you as needed. Discounts typically range from 20%-30% depending on the product and your partnership level.

Why You'll Love Mint

There are so many reasons to choose Mint, here are a few :

24/7 US Based Tech Support

Free Migration Assistance

Over 100 DataCenters

State-of-the-Art Technology

More than 50 Countries

Experienced Team

Ready to Go Solutions

World Class Customer Care

Mint vs AWS

If you like AWS, you'll love Mint.

Achieve global scale with 54 announced regions-more than any other cloud provider. Our geographic footprint means you can choose the datacenter and region that's right for you and your customers, with the performance and support you need, where you need it.

54 Regions
100+ DataCenters
70 Compliance Offerings
23+ Years Experience
23 years

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