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Blazing Fast, High Availability Geo-Redundant Solutions

Unlike a standard highly available deployment which uses data centers in a single region (for example, East US), a Geo-redundant deployment uses data centers in multiple geographic locations, located hundreds of miles apart, increasing the availability of your deployment. Under this scenario, users are sent to the deployment closest to them to also speed up your apps responsiveness. Pair this with our CDN services for a even more robust deployment.

Flexible Traffic Routing

Our Traffic Manager solutions offers four types of traffic routing:
Failover, performance, geographic, and weighted round-robin.
Choose the one that’s right for you or combine them for more custom control.

Improve App Performance

Geo-redundancy makes your applications more responsive and improves content delivery times
by directing your customers to end points with the lowest network latency.

Distribute User Traffic

Direct your customer traffic and distribute it across multiple locations, such as multiple datacenters.

Our traffic manager can also help you with your geofencing needs, using the geographic routing method to ensure content localization and adherence to data sovereignty regulations. Applying geofencing allows users connecting from specific geographic regions to be routed to specific endpoints.

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Check out some topologies from some recent projects to get an indepth look at how we plan a network customized to your needs.

With everything Media3 Mint has to offer seeing a graphical representation of your network really helps break it down to no seem so overwhelming. Check out some of the topologies below of previous setup's we have done in the past to get a taste of something that is truly, Mint.

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Numerous fortune 500 companies rely on the same underlying platform, so you can guarantee smooth day to day operations, just like the big leagues!

Customized for you

With so many options we can customize a solution for what ever your needs might be. No matter what the challenge this platform is guaranteed to provide you a next level solution.

Geo Redundant

  • Global data centers!
  • 24/7 managed support

Why You'll Love Mint

There are so many reasons to choose Mint, here are a few :

24/7 US Based Tech Support

Free Migration Assistance

Over 100 DataCenters

State-of-the-Art Technology

More than 50 Countries

Experienced Team

Ready to Go Solutions

World Class Customer Care

Mint vs AWS

If you like AWS, you'll love Mint.

Achieve global scale with 54 announced regions-more than any other cloud provider. Our geographic footprint means you can choose the datacenter and region that's right for you and your customers, with the performance and support you need, where you need it.

54 Regions
100+ DataCenters
70 Compliance Offerings
23+ Years Experience
23 years

Enterprise Class Hosting

Trusted by Customers World Wide Since 1995

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